Welcome to the JAMIS Prime ERP Portal. In this section you will find all your Prime Courses, Resources and Support needs.

The goal of the Learning & Development Center (L&D) is to promote knowledge sharing. To champion this exchange and encourage useful collaboration, JAMIS' L&D Center employs many tools such as our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), Tips & Tricks, Release Notices, and training, to name a few. 

To find out how to use this site, view our TOUR of the L&D Center. To see how you can get the most out of your L&D Center, continue reading below.

JAMIS Software Corporation employs various tools to make your time spent in the L&D Center useful, fun, and informative. Not only is L&D where to come for learning about your Prime ERP, it is also where to come to learn about all things JAMIS.


The FAQ section is to provide answers to commonly asked questions which arise when working with your Prime ERP, through easy-to-follow explanations. FAQs are updated regularly, providing you the answers you need when you need them.

The FAQs are organized by your Prime ERP modules. Locate your question in the appropriate section then click the link to see the answer.

New FAQs are continually added, based on common questions handled by the JAMIS support team. In the event that you do not find the answer you need or would like to submit an idea for inclusion in the FAQs, please forward to: training@jamis.com 

Schedules and Registrations

All learning events are listed on our JAMIS PrimeTime training calendar easily accessible from the L&D Home page. When you open an event on the training calendar, a notice will appear that provides a registration link and an explanation of the course and any prerequisites, if required. Alternately, you may choose to view upcoming course offerings from the Index of Courses link at the bottom of the calendar page. We intend to make this a one-stop shop for all course schedules.

To get the most out of the trainings we provide, stay alert for announcements of upcoming events (we call them news alerts)! Then register for new courses, as they are posted. Be sure to read the course description carefully and complete any prerequisites listed in preparation for the course. Submit any suggestions for future events to: training@jamis.com 

Virtual Training 

We provide training and share knowledge utilizing multiple delivery methodologies, such as:

PrimeTime on Demand - This delivery method consists of self-directed courses where you complete the course independently at your convenience. These types of courses are our newest training offering. The Accounts Payable Basics - Tutorial  is a sampler of basic online course functionality.

PrimeTime Virtual - This delivery method consists of online training sessions that are instructor-led. You register for a course scheduled on a given day and time and then attend a training webinar presented by JAMIS personnel. 

Courses are designed to help you learn or refresh a skill. Review a course to see what functionality works best in your situation. Submit any comments or suggestions to:  training@jamis.com 

JAMIS would like for the L&D Center to be your primary location for learning and sharing knowledge of all things JAMIS. Come often; learn often. Watch for updates as your Learning & Development Center expands. We invite you to share any thoughts on how to improve this site for your learning needs by contacting us at:  training@jamis.com 

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